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Eurogroup declares Cyprus a success story

A Eurogroup meeting recently declared Cyprus a success story, praising the conclusion of its seventh review of the economic adjustment… Read More

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26 November 2015

Cyprus exempt from GMO cultivation

Cyprus has adopted national opt-out measures to ban or restrict cultivation of already authorised genetically modified organisms (GMOs), with the approval of the European Commission. Read More

26 November 2015

Hellenic Bank in Cyprus returns to profit in Q3 2015

The Hellenic Bank returned to profitability in the third quarter of 2015, having adequate capital. Read More

26 November 2015

NPLs in Cypriot banks reach reversal point

Non-performing loans (NPL), which are the biggest problem in the banking system in Cyprus, have reached a reversal point, the Central Bank of Cyprus (CBC) said recently. Read More

26 November 2015

PCIs to place Cyprus on EU ‘energy union’ map

The prospects of terminating Cyprus’ energy isolation through the creation of an energy union, together with its potential impact on enhancing energy security and contributing to lower energy costs for… Read More

25 November 2015

Cyprus to contribute to the Green Climate Fund

Cyprus, assuming its global responsibility, in spite of its size and its difficult financial situation, is ready to contribute to the Green Climate Fund the sum of €350,000, Minister for Agriculture,… Read More

25 November 2015

Aphrodite gas plans remain on track

Cyprus’ plans for the Aphrodite gas reservoir, following BG’s buy-in, remain on track with production possibly starting in 2020, Energy Minister Giorgos Lakkotrypis said recently. Read More

25 November 2015

NPLs remain top priority for BoC

The reduction of the high stock of non-performing loans remains Bank of Cyprus' top priority, the Banks management told an Annual General Meeting, held in Nicosia recently. Read More

24 November 2015

Government paying its debts

Cyprus government debt stood at €18.82 billion at the end of September 2015, with loans accounting for €12.23 billion of the total. Read More

24 November 2015

Moody’s upgrade RCB Bank in Cyprus

Moody’s rating agency have upgraded RCB Bank Ltd’s deposit ratings to B3 from Caa1, elevating it to the highest rated lender in Cyprus, a press release in Nicosia… Read More

24 November 2015

Major decline in the construction material’s index

The price index of construction materials for October 2015 declined to the lowest level since December 2010 according to figures released by the Cyprus Statistical Service recently. Read More

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