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30 July 2014

Cyprus plans for a Maritime Institute

The Maritime Institute of Eastern Mediterranean has submitted a proposal for Cyprus to set up its own Maritime Institute similar to that of Ireland to further build up the sector. Read More

30 July 2014

BoC shares suspended to help with recapitalisation

Bank of Cyprus (BoC) shares will remain suspended until the end of October 2014, the island's stock exchange said recently, following a decision of the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission. Read More

30 July 2014

Cyprus Airways sale intensifies

The Ministerial Committee focusing on Cyprus Airways’ survival will meet to prepare the ground for the national carrier’s next step in its quest for strategic investors, says Communications Minister… Read More

30 July 2014

Cyprus recession to slow in 2015

Recession in Cyprus is projected to continue during 2015, the Economics Research Centre of the University of Cyprus said in its July Economic Outlook, forecasting a contraction in GDP of 0,7% for… Read More

30 July 2014

Second consulting firm for privatisation of Limassol port

The Cyprus Ports Authority (CPA) will appoint a second consulting firm for the privatization of the commercial activities of the Limassol port as part of a privatisations plan to yield… Read More

30 July 2014

New Bank of Cyprus equity to help hasten restructuring

Bank of Cyprus, which has just raised €1b from investors, plans to sell up to €1b in bonds in September 2014, its CEO John Hourican told Reuters. Read More

29 July 2014

TUI launches new excursions to Cyprus

TUI UK is promoting a new range of excursions in seven different countries, including Cyprus that have to meet minimum sustainability criteria, in order to offer an ethical holiday. Read More

29 July 2014

Six months to appeal new IPT valuations

Property owners have six months to appeal the government’s evaluation of their real estate and correct any other mistakes made in the process of fixing immovable property tax (IPT),… Read More

28 July 2014

Agriculture Minister announces programmes for employment opportunities

The planning and implementation of the Rural Development Programme and the Operational Programme for Fisheries are part of the vision to create a ministry that is productive and evolutionary, providing… Read More

28 July 2014

Lenders conclude Cyprus mission, highlight bad loans

International lenders concluded a fifth review of Cyprus’s economy recently, saying the island was making “relatively good progress” after a bailout last year but that key challenges lay ahead. Read More

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