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Articles | 24 June 2016

Cyprus respects British referendum result

President Nicos Anastasiades said there was no need to panic, following the result of the British referendum.

He said he respected the result since it represented a popular mandate.

“Secondly, let’s not start panicking; we have some special relations with Britain through the Commonwealth, there is a procedure that is followed for exit, consequently there is ample time to see what the relations with the EU would be after exit,” Anastasiades said.

“No one wants to maximize the problems, therefore there must be respect, on one hand, and calm, on the other.”

He said Cyprus will wait and see how the situation developed as Britain entered a dialogue with the EU.

“We have significantly deepened our relations with the UK, we’ll see how the situation develops, — even if it is outside the EU it will take some time – in relation with everything that will be agreed.”

Source: Cyprus Mail

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