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    Articles | 07 June 2017

    MTN invests €23 m in expanding infrastructure

    Telecom company MTN has announced a €23 million investment to expand its network and upgrade technical facilities.

    According to information received from the company, the investment will more than double the percentage of the population which has access to MTN’s 4G network, while nearly all Republic of Cyprus-controlled areas will have a 3G network.

    Meanwhile, the new technical equipment at the central hub in Latsia will ensure that the bandwidth is well managed, offering numerous new services.

    According to the upgrade timeline which runs its course until the end of 2017, the geographic coverage of the 3G network reaches 95%, covering the needs of 99% of the population. Likewise, the 4G network covers the needs of 93% of the population.

    The fiber optics network will also be expanded by 280 kilometres to reach 1,280 kilometres both within urban areas and mountainous regions. The advantages of expanding the fiber optics network are higher internet speeds.

    Source: InCyprus

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