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    25 October 2016 | The Deputy Ministry of Shipping

    Insight: The DMS on Cyprus-China Relations

    Insight: The DMS on Cyprus-China Relations

    CyprusProfile talks to Ioannis Efstratiou, Acting Director General of the Department of Merchant Shipping, about Cyprus-China relations.

    "China is one of the strongest economic powers of today and among the biggest capital exporters globally. It is extremely important for Cyprus to widen its business and shipping relations with China and attract more Chinese investors to the island. Cyprus Shipping offers a wide range of fiscal and economic incentives, it combines a legal system based on the English model, an efficient civil service, excellent business environment, EU-harmonised legislation and membership, outstanding high level of professionalism in the legal and accounting sectors, and excellent telecommunication services that form solid foundations for shipping entrepreneurs to set up their business. The strategic location of Cyprus at the crossroads of Europe, Africa and Asia enables it to be a natural business hub for Chinese entrepreneurs."

    Ioannis Efstratiou - Acting Director, Department of Merchant Shipping

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