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    05 February 2018

    President Nicos Anastasiades re-elected and pledges call for unity

    President Nicos Anastasiades re-elected and pledges call for unity

    Government spokesman Nicos Christodoulides appealed for unity following President Nicos Anastasiades' re-election, so that the country could tackle the challenges that lay ahead.

    Speaking on television, the spokesman avoided being dragged into any talk regarding the formation of the new government.

    “For us, the election finished last night and starting today we have before us significant challenges and problems,” he said. “In the effort to tackle them we need everyone’s co-operation; this is the Cypriot society’s demand and I believe, I have a strong conviction, the political parties will respond.”

    Christodoulides said the past five years had perhaps been the most difficult for the country after the 1974 Turkish invasion but results were achieved because there was co-operation.

    “Today is a new day and we must send a message to society, considering the abstention rate … we must show through words, and most importantly through actions, that we understand our compatriots’ discontent.”

    The spokesman, who, according to reports, could be assuming the foreign ministry portfolio, declined to get into a discussion regarding the new cabinet.

    There are more important issues, he said, but President Nicos Anastasiades’ desire was to form a government of wide social acceptance, taking into account that for the first time there had not been any alliances with other parties between the first round and the runoff.

    Source: Cyprus Mail

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