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    29 November 2017

    Tourist revenue up 10% in September 2017

    Tourist revenue up 10% in September 2017

    Revenue from tourism rose 10% in September compared to the respective month of 2016 to €483.7m against a 15% increase in arrivals, as British tourists cut back on spending, the statistical service said.

    In January to September, total revenue rose 13% to €2.2bn against a 15% increase in arrivals, Cystat said in a statement on its website on Wednesday.

    In September, tourists reduced their holiday budget 4.2% to €766.89 on average and stayed on the island 9.7 days also on average compared to September last year, Cystat said. Average spending per day fell as a result also 4.2% to €79.06.

    The decrease in the holiday budget was particularly strong in the case of visitors from the UK, traditionally Cyprus’ largest source of incoming tourism whose economy plunged into uncertainty last year after voters decided to leave the EU, Cystat said. British tourists reduced their holiday budgets 8.9% to €831.36 in September compared to a year before while vacationing in Cyprus. Also, tourists from Russia, the second largest source of arrivals, cut their spending 1% to €786.78.

    Source: Cyprus Mail


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