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    ServPRO is a well established firm of accountants, advocates and business consultants formed for the purpose of assisting clients in setting up sturdy business foundations capable of with-standing any challenges and successfully lead the business into the demanding future.

    Our team of qualified professionals has the necessary local and international expertise to provide clients with a comprehensive range of high quality services that exceed expectations.

    With professionalism and particular attention to client care and confidentiality we offer advice and solutions that best fit our clients’ needs and maximize their benefits. Our clients include individuals, international business organizations and other entities.

    Our company offers a wide range of services such as International Tax Planning, Company Formation, Corporate & Legal, Formation of Trust & Trustee Services, Accounting & Financial Reporting, Auditing & Assurance, Management & Administration, Information Technology, Citizenship & Residency, Immovable Property/Real Estate , Dispute Resolution/ Litigation. Our clients include individuals, international business organizations and other entities.


    Our aim is to redefine excellence and be your ultimate choice


    We are a fast growing firm offering world class corporate, accounting and legal professional services that exceed client expectations and provide a competitive and preferred working environment for our people.


    Dedication, Responsibility, Education, Accountability, Motivation (DREAM) are the core values of our professional team.


    We are dedicated to the job, interested in the work and capable of handling responsibility. We adapt to the work demands and clients’ needs and we make suggestions for innovation and change to improve our performance and maintain a high quality of service. We work as one team and we are committed to achieving all goals of our office.


    We perform our services with responsibility and customer care and exercise professional judgment when required. We always deliver our work comprehensive in scope, complete, accurate with high quality and within the agreed deadlines.


    We provide continuous professional development to our people through education, internal and external training seminars, certifications and other career development programs in order to improve their knowledge and skills and keep them updated with the latest developments and requirements of the profession.


    We cultivate a positive attitude towards the client and the work and we align both the positive work attitude and work behavior for better results. We demonstrate discipline at work and build a friendly and professional relationship both within and outside the firm.


    We are passionate about our job. Our success comes not from what we do but how well we do it. We know that motivation is a key element for high performance and commitment and we take all the necessary measures at work to ensure that our people are happy and satisfied with our work environment.


    One-stop shop for professional services

    We operate as a single point of contact for professional services. We save your time and costs in searching for different type of professionals by offering you a single contact to address your requests.

    Guaranteed response time

    We guarantee a response time to your request within 24 hours.

    Competitive rates

    High quality at affordable cost. If you are looking for a quality work, that not only satisfies but exceeds your expectations, we can offer it at very competitive rates.

    Personal attention

    A manager or senior person of the office is assigned as your personal contact.

    Free office facilities

    We provide, free of charge, office facilities to our clients traveling from abroad in order to help them with their day-to-day activities (certain conditions apply - please contact us for more information)

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    Contact Information

    Nicosia (head office)

    1 Kinyra Street, Kinyras Tower, 3rd Floor, 1102 Nicosia

    Tel: (+357) 22 021 100
    Fax: (+357) 22 757 566


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    • Petros Theodotou
    • Director
    • Direct Tel: (+357) 22 021 100
    • Email
    • Languages Spoken: English, Greek

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