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The Cyprus Health Service Promotion Board

The Cyprus Health Service Promotion Board is a non-profit organisation that was founded in November 2006 after an initiative taken by the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI).

Its main goals are:

  • The development and promotion of Cyprus as a Medical Centre and the provision of health services in general.
  • The development of solidarity and co-operation between its members.
  • Assistance to its members in making contact with various organisations and/or relevant Governmental departments for the promotion of objectives related to topics they are concerned with.
  • Interaction with any Governmental departments and/or any Company/person, which is deemed necessary or beneficial in attaining the objectives of the Board.
  • The undertaking of activities for the promotion of the Board’s goals and to help the public understand the role and the contribution of the Board to the health service.
  • Participation in international and domestic organisations related to matters that the Board is concerned with.
  • The genuine contribution of the members of the Board to the economical, business, social and environmental development of Cyprus.

Most of the largest and best equipped hospitals in Cyprus are members of the Cyprus health service promotion board. They are all approved and licensed by the Cyprus Government and some of them have moved a step ahead by signing contracts to gain international accreditation standards from accrediting bodies approved by the ISQUA.
Patients looking for treatment in Cyprus can either contact the Cyprus Health Service Promotion Board to get more information about the Cyprus Health Tourism Industry, or can contact directly our member hospitals who are more than willing to provide them with as much information as possible regarding their potential treatment in Cyprus.
A click to our website will provide you with information regarding Cyprus as a health destination. By accessing the website you can have view our list of members from where you can explore their profiles and find links to their individual websites.
A click to our member’s websites will provide you with some initial important information about the services provided by each organisation, their location, the qualifications of their staff members and in some cases even their price lists.

Christos Petsides

Christos Petsides

Secretary General

Contact Information

Nicosia (head office)

38, Grivas Dhigenis,& 3, Deligiorgis str. P.O.Box 21455, 1509 Nicosia, Cyprus

Tel: (+357) 22 889 890
Fax: (+357) 22 667 593


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  • Polis Peratikos
  • Cyprus Health Service Promotion Board Officer
  • Direct Tel: (+357) 22 889 890
  • Email

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