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Investment Blockchain Conference

19 February 2019 - 20 February 2019

Carob Mill, Limassol

Universal Crypto is organising a very special 'Investment Blockchain Conference', in Limassol, 19th & 20th February 2019. The main aim and vision of Nakamoto's Den (ND), is to bring together digital start-up companies, established international companies, investors, VC funds, family wealth funds, blockchain influencers and industry leaders.

The Conference will consist of three pillars:

1. – Digital Start-Up Battles:

There are 100 application slots available, and only 8 projects will be selected to compete in the Battles for FREE.

Funded Digital Start-Up Battles;  We will be hosting the world first Post-ICO Battles, which will give an opportunity to exciting Blockchain projects, to showcase their progress and evolution post ICO. There is 100 application slots available, and only 8 projects will be selected to compete in the Battles.

2. – Networking & Investment:

The conference, will be providing excellent networking and investment opportunities for all participants that will be attending the two-day event. In addition, we will providing a one-on-one private meeting slots (15 minutes) for attendees to choose and submit an application, to have a meeting with an Investment Company, Start-Up & Post-ICO, Key Note Speaker & OTC Consulting.

3.  – Blockchain Education:

In our opinion, Education is the most important element, when it comes to adapting to new innovative technologies. That’s why ND will be providing ‘Introductory’ for beginners & ‘Advanced’ educational sessions, for individuals who have learnt the basics of Distributed Ledger Technologies but are seeking to learn more, via workshops, case studies, and real life stories coming from Blockchain leaders.

The overall theme of key notes and panel discussion will be based on the following areas;

  • International Blockchain Adoption
  • 4th Industrial Revolution
  • Regulatory Developments
  • Centralised Vs. Decentralised
  • Alternative Governance
  • Digital Assets & Identity models
  • Showcasing of future economic concepts and much more!

For more information, please contact:

George Agathangelou

Universal Crypto

Chief Business Development Officer

Tel: +357 99 759 660

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