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The Cyprus Headquartering and Funds Summit

06 May 2019 - 06 May 2019

Intercontinental David, Tel Aviv, Israel

The Cyprus Headquartering and Funds Summit is a sequence of summits taking place in key capitals around the world. Its main objective is to inform professionals about the advantages of the Cyprus Funds industry and what makes the island a competitive investment funds and headquartering jurisdiction.

The Summits present to major financial institutions, accountants, auditors, advisory and legal services, fund managers and administration specialists and other consultants within the industry the latest developments in relation to the funds industry as well as what Cyprus has to offer as a funds jurisdiction. Additionally, the Cyprus offering to companies that wish to relocate to Cyprus (either substance or headquarters) will also be discussed.

The Cyprus Headquartering and Funds Summit is organized by IMH, the Cyprus Investment Funds Association (CIFA), and Invest Cyprus and it takes place in two capitals this year – at Tel Aviv, Israel in May 2019 and at Mumbai, India in September 2019. Key stakeholders from Cyprus, as well as Israel based law firms, accounting firms, fund managers/administrators, asset managers, tax specialists, corporate service providers, banks and other financial institutions, private equity firms, family offices and institutional investors will gather there. The Summit will analyse the outlook for the Cyprus economy, how to conduct business in Cyprus with regards to regional and international headquartering, as well as the local funds industry.

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