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IFRS 16 Leases – Deloitte Academy

25 June 2019

Deloitte Offices, Nicosia

The Deloitte Academy presents 'Principles, Commercial Implications and Implementation Considerations | Presentation of the LEA Leasing Tool'.

The new lease standard establishes a new accounting model for lessees by eliminating substantially all off-balance sheet accounting for leasing transactions. Lessor accounting is largely unchanged compared to IAS 17.

IFRS 16 might affect key metrics, decisions such as lease or buy and might extend to affect negotiations of lessees with lessors and other lenders. Budgets, management reports and other areas in the operational side of an entity may be affected. Awareness of the standard is important for parties at either side of the contract.

The IFRS 16 Leases seminar is addressed to corporate organizations that would like to be able to interpret the IFRS 16 requirements and understand the commercial and operational implications that the accounting for leases might have.

The IFRS 16 specialists Andreas Andreou and Andreas Georgiou, Partners and IFRS Co-Leaders together with Joanna Demetriou and Anna Mytilinaiou, Senior Managers of the IFRS Excellence Centre will be sharing their views on how to best implement IFRS 16 and providing practical recommendations on how to address the standard’s requirements.

The course is eligible for 4 CPD Credits.

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