Charles Meaby - Cyprus Profile

Insights | 01 February 2017

Charles Meaby, General Manager, DP World Limassol asked Charles Meaby, General Manager, DP World Limassol, about the key advantages of investing in Cyprus.

“We are a global company and world leader in developing world trade. When we look at Cyprus, we see a bright future in many areas of the economy, and as one of the largest marine terminal operators in the world, we believe we can help support this by bringing our skills and expertise to Cyprus. The benefits are far reaching for the economy. We know the commercialisation of Limassol Port is a sensitive matter and we are here to help the economy grow for the longterm. A new era also dawns with the new passenger terminal being developed, supporting Limassol’s re-emergence as a major ‘home port’ for the cruise industry. The modern terminal, with intergraded services and a capacity to handle 3,000 pax, as well as the ability to accommodate cruise ships with LOA 280m, enables the port to meet the expectations of the industry”.

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