Kirill Zimarin - Cyprus Profile

Insights | 30 April 2017 | RCB Bank Ltd

Kirill Zimarin, CEO of RCB Bank Cyprus asked RCB Bank CEO Kirill Zimarin which key areas of opportunity or growth he sees in the banking sector, and what his expectations are for Cyprus in 2016.

“Cyprus’ economy has been recovering faster than expected from the crisis. Today, the banking system is capitalised enough for serving the current needs, but in order to facilitate the growth of the economy, we must focus on solving the great number of NPLs in some Cypriot banks. The successful recovery of the economy requires the raise of Cyprus’ international credit rating to an investment grade. This will allow Cyprus to overcome the effects of the economic crisis and ensure the growth of its economy. RCB Bank, as one of the largest banks in Cyprus and under the direct supervision of the ECB, substantially supports the Cyprus economy and through its CSR programme the Cypriot society at large. With an expanded network of branches in Cyprus, RCB supports Cypriot businesses with their lending needs and also facilitates international projects, aiding in reinstating Cyprus as a stable and growing EU economy.”

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