Raoul de Villiers - Cyprus Profile

Insights | 01 February 2017

Raoul de Villiers, Managing Director of Atterbury

CyprusProfile.com asked Raoul de Villiers, Managing Director of Atterbury Europe, about the key advantages of investing in Cyprus.

“There are various reasons for companies such as Atterbury and Attacq – both originating from South Africa – to invest in Cyprus. Our recent acquisition of The Mall of Cyprus and The Mall of Engomi indicates a strong relation between two countries in different hemispheres. With both countries former British colonies, the influence is evident in legal and land ownership structures that provide significant common ground. As an added benefit, investments in Cyprus provide much sought-after exposure to the Euro currency. Infrastructure is world class and professional service providers are highly skilled and reliable in their responsibilities and communication with clients. There are lucrative tax benefits for companies investing in Cyprus, making it much more than a beautiful and culturally rich destination. From an economical perspective, Cyprus is rapidly recovering as can be seen in the recent upgraded credit ratings and positive progress on various issues that further improve the reputation of Cyprus as an investment destination on the world stage. We intend to establish a long-term presence in Cyprus with further investments in our existing portfolio as well as other locations on the island”.

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