Stephen Johnson - Cyprus Profile

Insights | 01 February 2017

Stephen Johnson, Principal of WL Ross & Co. LLC asked Stephen Johnson, Principal of WL Ross & Co. LLC, about the key advantages of investing in Cyprus.

“We led the majority of the international investors in contributing €1 billion of common equity to Bank of Cyprus (BoC) in October 2014. Despite the hardships created by the bail-in, we saw in Cyprus a people and an economy with meaningful resilience. Since our investment, Cyprus has continually outperformed on economic targets and has regained access to the markets. Going forward, with its well-designed legal system, there is a strong footing to help support businesses, drive innovation and spur foreign direct investment. We see this at BoC through growing interest in various real estate assets, and foreign investment interest in both greenfield and existing retail and infrastructure projects. As the eastern gateway of Europe, Cyprus has increased potential as a hub for shipping, asset management, and other companies looking to capitalise on the attractive infrastructure and tax incentives available for business”.

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