Victor Kislyi - Cyprus Profile

Insights | 01 February 2017

Victor Kislyi, CEO of asked Victor Kislyi, CEO of, about the key advantages of investing in Cyprus.

“Cyprus combines numerous advantages as a business base with quality of life. Our decision made good business sense and we remain committed to the country, having relocated a large number of our top executive employees and invested in a local bank and property. Cyprus’ geographical location allows us to serve our operations in Europe, Asia, the CIS region and US, while retaining a significant presence in Belarus, where half of our employees are based. Cyprus’ business advantages include political stability, EU membership, and a free market economy with a favourable tax regime, a modern and transparent legal and tax framework and a highly developed professional services sector. The infrastructure and communications network is well developed, while the workforce is highly educated and multilingual. Cyprus is welcoming to international business and recently enacted reforms and offered additional incentives to attract foreign investment. The excellent living conditions, including the climate and low crime rate, are also an important factor”.

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