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    14 September 2014 | Cyta

    NOORSAT agrees with Iris for the transfer of its teleport operations to Cyprus

    NOORSAT and Iris, a wholly owned subsidiary company of Cyprus Telecommunications Authority (Cyta), are pleased to announce their agreement for the migration of NOORSAT’s operations to Makarios Teleport in Cyprus. In cooperating with Iris, NOORSAT will be able to aggregate conveniently the TV content from its customers using diverse satellite and fiber sources, assemble its DVB bouquets and uplink the services to multiple satellites at its popular broadcasting slots at 7W and 25.5E for Direct-To-Home reception.

    The main facilities will be established at Makarios Teleport in Cyprus, a site that has been offering reliable solutions for satellite services for more than 30 years. The Teleport already offers a wide range of satellite services ranging from satellite control to broadband gateway services, VSAT links, satellite television and internet connectivity. The agreement with NOORSAT is an important step for Iris in its efforts  to attract reputable international customers to Cyprus and expand its operations in the provision of satellite television services.

    By using Makarios Teleport as its new base, NOORSAT will continue to offer reliable services to its broadcasting customers with enhanced capabilities.  NOORSAT will have the chance to expand its operations that already include the distribution of more than 250 channels and maintain its position as one of the premium providers of Arab satellite television. Cyprus offers an optimal location for NOORSAT’s satellite services. Its convenient position at the edge of the Eastern Mediterranean provides optimal visibility to NOORSAT’s satellite capacity and most communications satellites from 38W to 105E.

    NOORSAT’s CEO, Mr. Omar Shoter commented: “NOORSAT has entered into a new exciting phase of its organization, by strategically relocating its Teleport Operations to Iris’s Makarios Teleport. This fruitful relationship between Iris and NOORSAT will enable NOORSAT to expand its operations and enhance its quality of service to all our customers.”

    Iris’s Managing Director, Tasos Partzilis commented: “The agreement with NOORSAT for the teleport operations at Makarios is a major strategic project for Iris that enhances our capabilities in the international satellite television market. The project combines extensive teleport resources with large scale play-out and aggregation capabilities to offer an integrated solution to our partners. Iris is proud to work with NOORSAT on this demanding project and is looking forward to the smooth completion of the transition.”

    About NOORSAT:

    NOORSAT was established in 2004 in Bahrain with its Regional Office in Jordan. Since its inception, NOORSAT’s vision is to be a principal privately owned Satellite Service Provider in the region. The coverage and power of NOORSAT’s satellites capacities are optimized over the entire Arab World, Europe and Central Asia, for TV broadcasting and telecom services. Today, NOORSAT broadcasts more than 250 Pay-TV, Free-To-Air (FTA) TV & Radio channels.

    To find out more about NOORSAT, please contact sales@noorsat.com

    About Iris:

    Iris Gateway Satellite Services Ltd (Iris) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Cyprus Telecommunications Authority (Cyta), the main provider of telecommunication services in Cyprus. Iris offers a strategically situated Teleport gateway in Cyprus with POPs in major telecommunications centers in Europe. It focuses on the provision of television satellite services in the international market. Iris provides an extensive range of teleport solutions and associated products, including Digital Platforms on selected satellites, Satellite Turnaround Services covering diverse areas around the globe and associated fiber connectivity products. The company’s services are available on both permanent and occasional basis. Its operational activities are certified with ISO and IQNet standards.

    Find out more about Iris at: http://www.irissat.com.

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