PwC Masterclass: Transitioning to New Beginnings: Discovering your Best Self!

13 April 2021 - 15 April 2021

Live online

Life moves on while we’re waiting for things to happen, we can become quickly unbalanced by the unexpected or we can envision a future we commit to achieve!

Reinvigorate, re-energise, revive your coaching practice.

Whether we choose change or whether it’s forced upon us, transitions from an ‘old’ to a ‘new’ way of being impacts our status quo. This may be a promising invitation to new possibilities or an unwelcome visitor that’s best avoided.

Taking the journey from our ‘familiar self’ to ‘discovering our best self’ enables us to inject vibrancy and enthusiasm into life’s surprises or moves us closer to achieving those ‘one day ambitions’. By disrupting ‘effortless routine’ we are more likely to shed worn out reactions that leave us either unprepared for sudden change or inadequately resourced to meet or initiate fresh and exciting opportunities.

Today’s reality is that the future will demand us partnering with clients during this era of unprecedented systemic change to find the new tomorrow.

Times are tough and continue to be – prepare yourself by joining this masterclass to stimulate untapped inner resources and predict your readiness for the future.

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For more information, please contact:

Eleni Anthimou

PwC Academy

PwC Academy Administrator

Tel: (+357) 22 555 161

Mikaela Koumettou

PwC Academy

PwC Academy Administrator

Tel: (+357) 22 555 643

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