Training: Introduction to Decentralised Finance (DeFi)

17 May 2022 - 18 May 2022

Live Online

Decentralized Finance known as DeFi, describes a financial system enabled by decentralized technologies, operating without requiring traditional, centralized middlemen. DeFi along with what it has to offer, is considered to be a revolutionary technology and the future of the financial sector.

Within this course, participants will be given the knowledge to understand what Decentralized Finance is and what it has currently provided, as well as a clear understanding of its key components and features which will also be compared to the well-known traditional Finance. The attendees of this course will also gain an understanding of what specific problems DeFi aims to solve with its mechanisms along with other issues that arise with the implementation of such technology. Additionally, participants will be provided with proof of the astonishing growth rate of DeFi within our societies.

The introduction to DeFi course is designed by a reputable industry expert, an authority in her field who shares her expertise, experience, views and insights, with the use of high-quality teaching methods and techniques and contagious enthusiasm. The course aims to offer a basic theoretical knowledge of decentralized finance.

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