events | 07 November 2021

17th Cyprus Summit

While the acceleration of the vaccine roll-out raises hopes that covid-19 will eventually be defeated, governments and international institutions are now focusing on assessing the consequences of the pandemic and implementing plans for economic and social recovery.

A recovery that involves many different aspects, such as health security and social cohesion, having as a key feature the need for a more sustainable and a more resilient growth model. Within this context, the EU has decided to mobilise significant financial resources for the recovery of its member states, focusing on digital transformation and green transition.

This framework poses new challenges and offers new opportunities for all EU member states, especially for small, extrovert countries like Cyprus. The relatively successful –compared to most European countries– management of the pandemic is a positive sign for the country's prospects over the coming years. The geopolitical conflicts in the region and the effects of the pandemic on hydrocarbons exploration and the energy sector in general, are factors that should be taken into consideration with regards to Cyprus’ prospects.

  • Is the EU determined to support a strong recovery of its member states?
  • How has the pandemic affected the global balance of power between America, Europe and Asia?
  • The geopolitical situation in the eastern Mediterranean: Is there hope for peace and stability in the region?
  • What are the Cypriot government’s plans for fast recovery and sustainable growth?

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