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2016 was a good year for the GRS Group, both locally and internationally

2016 was a good year for the GRS Group, both locally and internationally.

What have been your main achievements since launching?

2016 was indeed a good year for the GRS Group. We increased our headcount across the business from 14 members to 22 to handle the increased volume of business and to maintain our service quality. As a result of our expansion we relocated to new, larger premises in Limassol, thus enabling us to increase the quality of our services to both clients and candidates and setting us miles apart from the competition in terms of service delivery.

Since launching we quickly grew an extensive local and international client base and have accomplished a great deal, strengthening our position as the most prominent recruiter in Cyprus. Over the years we have attained countless achievements and been awarded recruitment partner for numerous infrastructure projects. We also have excellent teams internally for tenders where we are successful at bidding for local projects, with notable projects including Larnaca and Paphos Airport construction, desalination plants, wind farms, emergency electricity supply projects, H&M retail flagship store Nicosia and the European Bank for Reconstruction and development Annual Conference. 

We are also a lead recruiter to many sectors of the Cyprus economy including professional services, accounting and audit, financial services, IT and energy. 

Furthermore, we were the first agency in Cyprus to receive the license for the supply of temporary workers under the Temporary Worker Act 2012. As such, we continue to grow our service for contracting of employees and temporary workers for local companies and companies that have their operations overseas and require a service agreement for personnel working in Cyprus.

In 2012 due to the success of the GRS payroll business we spun this business into a new company within the GRS Group, Fairfax Yeaman which is a fully-fledged payroll outsourcing and accounting company that carries out outsourced services for many leading companies in Cyprus. Over the years, Fairfax Yeaman has increased its client base and the company continues to excel as it enhances its team with Top 4 qualified accountants and augments its expertise to provide the most seamless, accurate and reliable payroll solutions available in the market.

How important have good employees been to your success?

We consider employees to be one of the biggest investments in our company and have invested heavily in our team. We are very proud of our expansion and the new employment and career opportunities that we have created for our team, who pride themselves on the consistent delivery of our recruitment services and never compromise on quality.

We offer a fun, productive and rewarding work environment for our team of 22 employees. Each and every team member is a positive ambassador for the company and there is a great team spirit and high staff morale.

Our employees are essential to the success of our business which is why we place a particular emphasis on attracting and retaining good employees. Each team member is committed to achieving the hiring goals of each and every client and through each of their successes they attract further business, such as new companies looking to hire and individuals seeking their next career move. The high recognition and trust in the GRS brand could not be achieved without the hard work and dedication of our team.

What specific measures have you taken to excel as a business?

In addition to having a solid reputation internationally, our market knowledge is second to none. We are continually striving to increase quality and innovation and remain at the forefront of most newly established companies at their setup phase and throughout the years of their operation.  

We also place a strong care and emphasis on relationship management with all of our clientele and are proud to boast that many candidate placements have driven their careers to the highest levels in Cyprus and have added enormous value to their organisation’s success.

Finally, we have readied our company for growth by investing heavily in our brand and technology, which has been fundamental in allowing us to deliver a superior service with a fast turnaround. Our team is equipped with the best recruiting software in the market, which has facilitated them with placing thousands of candidates in jobs over the years.

Our ability to engineer solutions based on customer’s specific needs has helped our company to flourish over the past 12 years whilst offering promise for future growth.

How do you envision the future for the GRS Group?

We are proud of our expansion and envision a very optimistic future for the GRS Group and the Cyprus economy. There has been an increased interest with regards to establishing substance and physical presence here while statistics affirm that the number of companies choosing Cyprus as their management centre is increasing on a year-on-year basis. Cyprus remains an attractive location to operate in thanks to a fully developed legal system, a competitive corporate tax rate of 12.5%, a business-friendly environment and low operational costs. The outlook remains positive and provided this upward trend continues our services will remain in high demand as companies continue to settle and expand here. 

Source: GRS Recruitment

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