events | 20 June 2013

2nd Cyprus Natural Gas Conference

The 2nd Cyprus Natural Gas Conference aims to present to an international audience the prospects and development with regards to the hydrocarbon discoveries in the Economic Exclusive Zone of Cyprus and their impact on the Eastern Mediterranean region.

This is a region that has and will be experiencing ground-braking transformations in the years to follow and Cyprus can play a pivotal role in its emergence as one of the most significant energy suppliers worldwide. The conference will evaluate the prospects for further development of the natural gas sector in the sub-region of the Eastern Mediterranean and concentrate on recent geopolitical, trade and intra-region gas exploration and infrastructure challenges for gas that may impact the security of gas supply to Europe and globally.

For two days, the 2nd Cyprus Natural Gas Conference will become the gathering and discussion point for senior executives and companies operating in the energy sector and more specifically for natural gas companies, investors, decision makers, policy makers, regulators, government representatives, consultants, energy and related development project managers, technology providers, banks and financial institutions, legal experts, entrepreneurs and academic and research institutions.

The conference will be conducted in English

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