events | 09 September 2014

2nd East Mediterranean Oil & Gas Conference

Focusing on the regional development of hydrocarbon resources in Cyprus, Lebanon, Israel, and downstream export economics options from the region into the neighbouring markets of Turkey, Egypt, Greece, Jordan, Europe and Asia.

There is approximately 60 billion barrels of offshore hydrocarbons, most of which remain unexplored or under-explored in the East Mediterranean region. This is equivalent to Europe's energy needs for the next 30 years, making the region a highly important crossroad for the global energy markets.

With the emergence of the Levantine Basin as a major hydrocarbon province, the East Mediterranean has also become a major focus area for companies seeking new business opportunities.

Oil and gas experts from all over the world will gather at the 2nd East Mediterranean Oil & Gas Conference to share their best practices on how to overcome existing exploration challenges as well as discuss new pipelines, policies and investment opportunities.

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