articles | 20 December 2016

88% of Cyprus' internet users access the web via a mobile device

More than 80% of persons aged 16 to 74 in the European Union (EU) used the internet in 2016.

Mobile phones or smart phones were the device most used to surf the internet, by over three-quarters (79%) of internet users. They were followed by laptops or netbooks (64%), desktop computers (54%) and tablet computers (44%).

In Cyprus, over the last 3 months, 29% of the users who accessed the internet used a desktop computer, 69% a laptop or netbook, 37% on a tablet, and 88% on a mobile phone. That was the second largest share in the EU, after Spain (93%), followed by the Netherlands (88%), Croatia (87%), the United Kingdom (86%) and Denmark (85%). Mobile phones or smartphones were the devices the most used in 2016 by internet surfers in every EU Member State, except for the Czech Republic, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland and Slovakia where it was laptops or netbooks.

Source: CNA

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