articles | 19 July 2022

Application for people who have delayed in submitting their Tax Return

The new tax tool provides a last minute solution for people who have not submitted their tax return in time.

This tool permits to users to complete and submit their tax return, following simple instructions in the form of short questions. At the same time it offers safety to users, since the statement is checked by professional tax advisers before it is submitted on behalf of the user to TAXISnet, safeguarding its correctness.

The specific application has been secured approval by the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Cyprus while the platform is compatible with GDPR rule. It also safeguard that the data of users remain safe. According to the CEO of the platform, if the user chooses to prepare and submit the statement through the platform himself the final cost is 19.50+VAT. If the user decides that the platform will undertake the whole procedure the cost will be 79.50+VAT.

Source: In-Cyprus

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