articles | 21 January 2013

Arrivals from Russia up 42% in 2012

An impressive 42% growth in tourist arrivals from Russia led to a 3% increase in Cyprus’ total tourist arrivals in 2012, which amounted in total to 2,464,908 compared to 2,392,228 in 2011, according to data released Monday by the Statistical Service.

The increase in tourist arrivals from Russia in 2012 was 42%, or 140,340 people, to a total of 474,419 people from 334,079 in 2011. On the other hand, tourist arrivals from the United Kingdom in 2012 decreased by 6%, or by 61,246 people, to 959,459, from 1,020,705 in 2011.

On the basis of the results of the Passengers Survey, arrivals of tourists reached 54,772 in December 2012 compared to 65,339 in December 2011, a decrease of 16.2%.

A decrease of 20% was recorded in tourist arrivals from the U.K. (16.847 in December 2012 compared to 21.054 in December 2011) and 11.1% decrease from Greece (9.050 compared to 10.182 last year). An increase of 1.4% in tourist arrivals was recorded from Russia (from 6.148 in December 2011 to 6.234 in December 2012).

Source: Financial Mirror

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