articles | 27 November 2019

Ayia Napa marina open for trial operations

The Ayia Napa marina has been opened for trial operations, the project’s CEO Stavros Caramondanis told media representatives during a guided tour of the site recently.

With the construction of the main breakwater nearly completed, the project will now enter in its second phase, which will see the erection of one of the two towers in which 190 apartments will be housed.

Ayia Napa and Sotira mayors Yiannis Karousos and George Takkas were also present at the open media day to check on the project’s latest development.

“I’m very enthusiastic about this ambitious project,” said Karousos.

“Today I have seen with my own eyes that the marina is starting to take shape. I am sure it will stand as a benchmark not only for Cyprus, but for the whole of the Eastern Mediterranean.”

Karouos said the project’s goal is “to become one of the best tourism retreats in the Mediterranean”.

Caramondanis said the marina’s “soft opening” for trial operations is aimed at establishing the smooth functioning of the marina in practice and to effectively resolve any possible problems or difficulties that may arise while correcting any faults in its construction or operations.

“We must note that during the pilot operation, we will only be accommodating yachts from the Republic of Cyprus, which have received a special invitation. The marina is not yet open to the general public.”

The second phase of the project also includes the construction of 29 luxury villas plus shops and restaurants.

During the guided tour, Caramondanis highlighted the latest technologies used in the construction.

“The attention to detail we put into the construction of the marina has been huge,” he said.

“The Ayia Napa Marina is a unique project for the whole of Europe, as the technology used for both the construction of the marina and the rest of the areas is pioneering.”

The marina’s final completion is scheduled for 2021. However, the commercial area will open its doors in June 2020, according to the marina’s director Constantinos Phitiris.

“There is huge interest from retailers and from food and beverage companies in our commercial area due do its superb location and modern facilities,” he said.

He said that the interest in the commercial area from big companies would create jobs and boost the local economy.

For legal reasons, the names of the companies cannot be released until early next year.

“The commercial zone will open to the public in summer 2020. Tourists will be able to enjoy the commercial zone before the final completion of the entire marina,” he said.

“It’s an ambitious project and I believe that because of its location, it will surpass the marina in Limassol in terms of the volume of visitors.”

Source: Cyprus Mail

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