articles | 10 August 2015

Bank of Cyprus offers QuickPay Service

Bank of Cyprus has introduced an innovative new facility - QuickPay Service - for quick, secure and easy payments from your mobile device.

According to Bank of Cyprus, the service is offered free of charge to 1bank individual subscribers and is available through the Bank of Cyprus application in the Apple Store and Google Play stores.

Through the QuickPay service, you can carry out payments of up to €150 daily - or the equivalent if in foreign currency - to other Bank of Cyprus customers.

All you need to do to activate the service is to select QuickPay from the Bank of Cyprus application, enter your 1bank User Id and Passcode and accept the QuickPay Terms and Conditions.

Then confirm your mobile number. If the mobile phone number on file is incorrect in order to change it, please contact 1bank on 800 00 800 or 22128000 from abroad, Monday – Friday between 07:45 – 21:30.

Then, select the account number that will be used to send and receive payments.

To access Mobile Payments, you need a mobile phone handset with internet access. You also need your 1bank User ID and Passcode with full services access, which you can obtain by filling in the online application form (only for individuals), from any Bank of Cyprus branch or by calling 800 00 800 or 22128000 from abroad (for individuals only).

To send money through the application, input the mobile number or contact from your lists. If they have already signed up, only their mobile phone is necessary, if not, the sending will have to input the recipient’s account number. This will only have to be done once.

Once the payment is complete, the receiver will be sent an SMS message confirming the funds are in their account and available.

Source: InCyprus

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