articles | 22 October 2019

Bank of Cyprus wins three 'Responsible Business Awards'

During the recent ‘Cyprus Responsible Business Awards 2019’, Bank of Cyprus was recognized for its efforts in supporting healthcare, winning three awards.

The Bank won the Platinum award in the ‘Cause Advocacy’ category, for its initiative in the ‘Fight Against Cancer’; the Silver award in the ‘Excellence in partnership’ category for the Bank of Cyprus Oncology Centre; and the Bronze award in the ‘Employees’ category for its Volunteers. Bank of Cyprus is the only organisation overall to win a Platinum award, garnering the highest score in all categories.

One of the largest achievements by Bank of Cyprus staff volunteers is their support and active participation in the activities of the Cyprus Anti-Cancer Society. Under the slogan ‘Fight Against Cancer’, Bank employees volunteer for the annual ‘Christodoula March’, and have been participating actively in related events for the past 20 years.

Each year the Bank, through the participation of some 1,000 volunteers-staff members, actively engages in the activities of the Cyprus Anti-Cancer Society, proudly supporting and raising funds for the ‘Christodoula March’.

The campaign known as ‘#stiMaxi’ is a Bank of Cyprus initiative supporting cancer patients as well as their families. With this initiative, the Bank aims to inspire and mobilize the public to become committed supporters of the drive to bring hope and relief to cancer sufferers.

The award to the Bank of Cyprus Oncology Centre, the first centre in Cyprus and in Greece to receive CHKS (Caspe Healthcare Knowledge Systems) certification, likewise acknowledges the Bank’s longstanding support to the Centre of Excellence in diagnosing and treating cancer.

The Bank additionally received an award for its staff’s participation in volunteer work, in initiatives that support the society as a whole.

Apart from the ‘#stiMaxi’ initiative, Bank staff also volunteer for various Corporate Responsibility actions, such as the Elpida Foundation for Children with Cancer and Leukemia, Funraising, the Folia Centre for patients suffering from rare diseases, the Koinotita Agiou Louka Iatrou, the Wagon of Love (Vagoni Agapis), One Dream One Wish, the Sophia Foundation for Children, and other.

Source: Cyprus Mail

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