articles | 21 March 2014

BNP Baribas partners with BoC to offer financial products

France’s BNP Paribas Investment Partners and Bank of Cyprus (BoC) announce the launch in Cyprus of BNP Paribas Plan Easy Future, an innovative range of investment products managed by asset managers THEAM.

Comprised of eight open-ended sub-funds with investment horizons ranging from 2018 to 2043, this product line will support individual investors in their projects throughout their entire lives, the lender said. “With life expectancy increasing, long-term savings have become one of the major challenges in our societies,” THEAM CEO Denis Panel said. “The launch of this innovative new range of protected investment products, which stands alone in the current market, aims to offer flexible and customised solutions to every one of our clients for all of the key stages of their lives, from financing their home to building up an additional retirement fund,”.

Traditionally, long-term investment products backed by capital guarantees have offered returns based on interest rate conditions. Today’s investor therefore has to choose between protection and performance, and runs the risk of not making the best choice. The BNP Paribas Plan Easy Future range reconciles these two objectives. Capital protection is adaptable and varies according to investment horizon and interest rates. At the same time, performance potential is generated through substantial exposure to diversified asset classes.

As such, each fund benefits from a protected minimum net asset value at maturity. This value is formally protected at maturity by BNP Paribas. As the BNP Paribas Plan Easy Future funds are open until the maturity date, they meet the needs of savers who wish to invest at their own pace and those who wish to redeem some or all of their investment depending on their needs. The BNP Paribas Plan Easy Future range of funds is also available in Germany, Austria, Belgium, Spain, France, Italy, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. BNP Paribas Plan is a UCITS IV SICAV registered under the Luxembourg law.

Source: Cyprus Mail

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