articles | 07 September 2022

Cabinet approves one-off benefit for children aged 4-18

The cabinet on Wednesday approved a one-off subsidy of €50 to €80 per child for children aged between 4 and 18, it said.

The measure concerns those registered in the child benefit register.

She said the payment amount would be based on income criteria and the composition of the family.

Deputy minister of social welfare, Anastasia Anthousi, speaking after the cabinet meeting said that in total 33,669 families with 54,318 children would benefit.

“This amount will be a lump sum and will be paid by transfer within the next few days,” she said.

Anthousi said that as part of the effort to support households and businesses to deal with inflationary pressures, and following the subsidy plan for kindergartens, which is ongoing, concerning children up to four years old, the cabinet decided to take an additional measure for children aged 4-18 years to help with expenses for the new school year.

It is not necessary to submit an application, the ministry said. The money will be handed out by the end of the month.

Families with an income of up to €10,000 in 2021 will receive €80 per child. Those with incomes €10,001 – €19,500 will get €70 per child, while those with an income between €19,501 – €29,000 will receive €60 per child. For incomes of €29,001 – €39,000, families will get €50 per child.

In the higher income brackets €39,001 – €59,000, the €50 benefit will only be given to those with three or more children and only for the third child and above.

Source: Cyprus Mail

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