articles | 27 October 2020

Cabinet approves support plan for electric and hybrid cars

The council of ministers has approved a support plan for electric and hybrid cars, the energy ministry, the Fund for Renewable Energy Sources (RES) and the Energy Saving Fund announced on Monday.

Under the scheme, which covers applications up to €1 million, photovoltaic systems will be installed or expanded in homes, and charging points and smart meters for charging an electric car or hybrid plug-in vehicle at home will be subsidised.

The RES and Energy Saving Fund will accept applications from Tuesday. The plan will remain in force until December 20, 2021 or until the available budget is exhausted.

“This is the first government plan which aims to promote electric vehicles and specifically to charge them with RES. The use of electric vehicles in combination with their charging from alternative energy sources, will contribute significantly to the achievement of the European goals of Cyprus for green development,” the announcement said.

The plan has three categories:

Category A will give the applicant the opportunity to install/extend a PV metering system, to install or extend an electricity meter used to charge the vehicle, and to install a charging point (optional).

This category provides a maximum amount of €2,250.

Category B covers the installation of a charging point and an electricity meter and is subsidised by a maximum of €1,250.

Category C is for homes which already have a PV metering system and charging point and is meant to enable the applicant to install a metering system for a maximum of €750.

The amounts are per resident, applicant and vehicle.

Applications can only be submitted electronically, through the website of the RES and Energy Saving Fund (

Source: Cyprus Mail

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