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Cablenet and Plume fast tracking the intelligent home evolution in Cyprus

Plume, a California-based company, is partnering with Cablenet to provide a better internet experience for homes and businesses in Cyprus.

Cablenet, a leading Telecommunications provider in Cyprus, today announced the start of a new era in intelligent home services. True to its promise, Cablenet has once again disrupted the market status quo. In strengthening the cooperation with Plume and bundling the HomePass Smart Home Services Suite within the Purple Max Internet proposition, Cablenet has fulfilled the “For a Better Life” commitment to its customers by delivering game-changing in-home experiences. Leveraging the strategic partnership with Plume, the personalized communications services pioneer, Cablenet makes an unprecedented leap into the evolution of the intelligent home.

Plume is one of the world's leading technology companies, based in Palo Alto, California, in the heart of Silicon Valley. Plume offers innovative cloud-driven smart home and intelligent business services to more than 40 million locations in over 20 countries and manages over 1.6 billion connected devices across its global cloud control plane. The revolutionary Plume HomePass service brings a new bundle of Smart Home Services including flawless whole-home WiFi that adapts to the unique needs of each device and every user, advanced home network security, WiFi presence detection, personalized parental controls and guest access management.

By choosing Purple Max Internet and HomePass, Cablenet’s customers are able to provide a safe and intelligent home and through the highly-rated HomePass mobile app, they are able to gain access to an array of new services:

• Guard: Advanced AI-powered cybersecurity, including, virus and malware protection, and adblocking.
• Sense: Convert connected devices to motion sensors throughout the home.
• Adapt: Fast, reliable and stable Internet, everywhere, always, for everyone.
• Control: Advanced parental controls and guest access services.

The cooperation between Cablenet and Plume started in 2019, and today the companies have moved into a more tightly integrated solution for current and future Cablenet offerings. With Purple Max Internet, including Ultra WiFi service Powered by Plume HomePass, Cablenet Subscribers can now enjoy the fastest, safe and secure Internet service (up to 1 Gbps) with an augmented customer experience throughout the home. In essence, Cablenet Subscribers have complete “peace of mind” over their intelligent internet services and will be upgraded automatically and without any additional cost as the network speed advances.

The cooperation with Plume comes as a reinforcement of Cablenet’s core promise to the market with simplicity, transparency, fairness, unmatched value and top-notch quality.

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Source: Knews

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