articles | 17 April 2015

CING marks World DNA day

The Cyprus Institute of Neurology and Genetics (CING) contributed to the 13-year-long international research effort to decode the first human genome, the head of the institute Dr Leonidas Phylaktou said recently, in his address to mark World DNA Day, celebrated on April 25.

World DNA Day is linked with CING and the School of Molecular Medicine since they deal with genetic diseases and exploration of the DNA, Phylaktou said.

“At the CING we are especially proud for this day, because it is though the institute that genetics began in Cyprus,” he said.

“Exploring the DNA gives us many medical and socio-political benefits that contribute to the diagnosis and treatment of several patients and as a consequence the improvement of people’s quality of life. It also leaves us with many, many hopeful prospects,” Phylaktou said.

In his address, he also mentioned all the achievements of the institute related with genetic diseases.

The Institute held also an Open Day where members of the public were given tours of its grounds and were informed about its services and the graduate programmes of the School of Molecular Medicine.

“We decided to open our doors today… It is our pleasure that we have young people with us today, high school students and students whose interests revolve around subjects of biology and genetics,” Phylaktou said.

The School of Molecular Science, which offers several programmes in molecular medicine, medical genetics, neuroscience and biomedical Research, has announced that it accepts applications for the 2015-2016 academic year.

For more information call 22392840, or visit

Source: Cyprus Mail

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