articles | 13 September 2021

Consumer index records increased prices in housing, water, electricity, gas, fuel

Increased prices were recorded in August in housing, water, electricity, liquefied petroleum gas and fuel compared to those the same month last year, according to the island’s consumer price index.

In particular, electricity prices rose by 39.79% while the increase in liquefied petroleum gas was 25%, in LPG (bottle) 22.7% and 29.74% in liquid fuel.

Moreover, oil prices rose by 20.93%, those of gasoline by 21.10%, and lubricants by 1.17%.

Moreover, primary home rent increased by 1.54%, while products for regular house maintenance rose by 3.12% but plumbers’ prices remained stable as well as those of electricians.

As regards furniture, household equipment and household items, the consumer price index increased by 6.53%. And for garden furniture it went up by 3.54%.

Source: In-Cyprus

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