articles | 24 April 2020

Coronavirus: five new cases announced on Thursday

The health ministry announced 5 new coronavirus cases on Thursday, bringing the total to 795.

A heath professional at Akaki hospital was one of the new cases. The ministry informed the hospital which took the necessary actions.

Three of the new cases were identified from tracing of 270 people who came in contact with previously confirmed cases. One was identified after testing on their own initiative.

The five new cases were identified from 2,322 tests.

Comparing the small number of cases with the large number of tests, a member of the health ministry’s epidemiological team, virologist Dr Leontios Kostrikis said “The ray of light grows and if this course continues then the relaxation of the measures will be done with more safety, and faster”

On Thursday, 788 more people were tested as part of the health ministry’s initiative to test 20,000 frontline employees resulting in no new cases.

A total of 12,106 tests have so far been carried out during the targeted  testing of 20,000 people since April 11. Appointments for testing are booked up until the completion of the programme on April 30.

State health services’ scientific director Dr Marios Loizou announced that 15 patients were hospitalised in Famagusta refence hospital on Thursday. Two of them were treated in the ICU. All of the patients are stable, while one patient was released. Seven covid-19 patients were intubated, one in Limassol and six in Nicosia.

Six other coronavirus patients were also treated in other hospitals on Thursday.

“We are going well” noted Loizou. “As we repeatedly said, we must never forget how contagious this virus is”

Referring to World Health Organisaton’s statement on Wednesday, Loizou reminded people that no vaccine has been created to treat the virus yet. He also expressed his satisfaction that people realised they need to abide by the measures to limit the spreading of Covid-19. “We are moving towards the relaxation of the measures without forgetting the virus is lurking next to us.”

Covid-19 cases in the north reached 108 including four deaths. No new cases were recorded this week.

Source: Cyprus Mail


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