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Coronavirus: Thirty-two new cases, just four positives out of 707 tested in Paphos

Thirty-two new Covid-19 cases were announced by the health ministry on Wednesday evening, bringing the total number to 526.

Of the new cases, 24 were identified via contact tracing of previously confirmed infections. Eight are having their background history investigated.

A total of 14,273 tests have been carried out which have resulted in the 526 positive results, said virologist Leontios Kostrikis.

From the 526 cases, 390 originated in Cyprus.

Today’s cases were identified via 1256 tests.

Four of Wednesday’s confirmed infections relate to two nurses from Larnaca general hospital and two nurses at the Famagusta hospital.

“People with the Sars-CoV-2 infection are circulating among the population and until they are detected they may transmit it to others,” Kostrikis said.

“Particular care is required because some people with the infection are asymptomatic, which makes the situation even more dangerous.”

More details on the epidemiological picture of the last few days will be announced tomorrow, he said.

From Tuesday’s results, four cases were under investigation but as of today contacts have been traced for two of them.

A total of 52 people have recovered and have been discharged from hospital.

The highest number of cases recorded so far was on April 1 when 58 Covid-19 infections were confirmed. Since then, there has been a steady – yet stubborn – decrease in the number of cases, though Wednesday’s number is a significant increase from previous days.

Experts have praised the overall positive trend but have warned against complacency.

“There are calls in some European countries for a reduction in measures,” said Dr Marios Loizou, clinical director of Okypy.

“This forced the World Health Organisation to issue a new warning against the early lifting of restrictive measures,” Loizou said. “It was described as a patient who gets out of bed too early as being at a risk of relapse.”

A total of 5,090 checks carried out from 6pm on Tuesday until 6am on Wednesday led to just 76 people being booked for violating the decree on restricted movement, down from 127 during the same period the previous night.

In the north, one more case was announced bringing the total to 95. They have also recorded three Covid-19 related deaths.

 Out of 707 Covid-19 tests carried out in Paphos in recent days only four were positive, the town’s mayor tweeted on Wednesday afternoon.

He gave the news before the official announcement of the daily tally made every evening at 6pm, but this number was later confirmed in the announcement by the health ministry.

Paphos mayor Phedonas Phedonos said the 0.56 per cent Covid-19 infection rate related to a population of 52,000 thousand.

Tests in the Paphos area were ramped up as the region became a so-called hotspot for infections. Health authorities sought to gain control of the situation by focusing testing in Paphos and gain a clearer picture of what they are up against.

The good news, so far, from Paphos was echoed by Loizou’s emphasis on the lifting of restrictions in Wuhan.  The Chinese city was the epicentre of the Covid-19 outbreak.

“Wuhan celebrated the lifting of some measures. At the time the measures sounded distant and strange but we are now experiencing almost the same restrictions,” he said.

“The opening of Wuhan shows us that there is light at the end of the tunnel. We must be patient. There is a right time for everything.”

As of 3pm on Wednesday, 24 patients are being cared for in the referral hospital in Famagusta. Three of them are receiving ICU assistance.

Thirteen patients are intubated, two at the ICU in Limassol and 11 in Nicosia. They are in stable but critical conditions.

Five have been discharged.

Source: Cyprus Mail


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