articles | 15 May 2020

Coronavirus: two new cases announced on Thursday

Two new cases of Covid-19 were announced on Thursday, bringing to 907 the total of those ever testing positive in the areas under the control of the Republic.

The two latest carriers of the virus were detected among 1659 lab tests.

Of the two new Covid-19 cases, one was found among an individual who got tested on their own initiative.

A breakdown of the tests showed that out of 120 tests from contact tracing of previously confirmed carriers, none came out positive.

Likewise no one tested positive among 153 people returning from overseas in the past few days.

Elsewhere, 676 tests on people working in retail and in construction yielded no positive cases.

Also, zero cases were tracked among 63 tests in schools.

“The data we are announcing today are particularly encouraging,” said professor of molecular virology Leontios Kostrikkis.

“The low transmissibility index for the virus, the overall situation at the hospitals and the declining number of new cases, confirm that the strategy we have followed has been effective, filling us with optimism for the future.

“This second week since the restrictive measures were relaxed is coming to an end without any drastic reversals, something which satisfies us. Naturally, it is not over yet and the effort continues.”

For his part, Dr Marios Loizou, also a member of the team of scientists advising the government, urged the public to continue using face masks.

However mask usage should be done in the proper way: the mask must be clean and cover the nose and the mouth.

The use of masks in crowded indoor spaces is highly recommended, Loizou said.

Five patients with Covid-19 are currently being treated at the reference hospital in Famagusta.

At the Nicosia general hospital, three patients are intubated. Their condition was said to be critical but stable.

Three more persons were being treated at the other hospitals.

Source: Cyprus Mail


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