articles | 14 May 2020

Coronavirus: Two new cases, one death

Two new cases and one more death from coronavirus were announced on Wednesday evening by the health ministry. This brings the total number of cases to 905.

The new death was of an 85-year-old woman who had underlying health conditions and was being cared for at the intensive care unit in Limassol. The total number of deaths is now at 24. Of these, 17 died of coronavirus though many also had underlying health conditions. The rest had coronavirus when they died but it was not the cause of death.

The average age for those who have died is now 71.4.

The two new cases are a result of 1946 tests.

One of the confirmed cases was found after 155 tests relating to contact tracing, and the other was identified after a private initiative.

As of 3pm on Wednesday, five patients are being cared for at the referral hospital in Famagusta. The patients are all in good condition, the health ministry said.

Three patients have now been discharged from hospital, while three others are intubated in Nicosia general hospital.

In all the hospitals, apart from the one in Famagusta, there are only four Covid-19 patients being cared for in ICUs.

“The number of hospitalised patients we have just announced is by a large margin the lowest in fifty days,” said Marios Loizou, the scientific director of state health services (Okypy).

Cyprus has seen a steady drop in confirmed cases over the past few weeks, as experts advising the government have praised the epidemiological picture as encouraging.

On May 12 there were two new cases, on May 11 there were three and on May 10 a slight increase of six cases.

The government and experts have said they are expecting a slight increase in cases as the lockdown measures have been eased.

Source: Cyprus Mail


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