events | 25 August 2021

Corporate Tax for Lawyers and Non-tax Specialists

Kinanis Academy is pleased to announce that after the successful completion of our first webinar, we are conducting another session of the training program on the 05th, 06th & 07th of October, 2021. This is a three - part training program with the objective of familiarising the participants with the Cyprus Tax Laws and in particular providing a good understanding on how companies are being taxed in Cyprus.

We shall provide a clear and well analyzed perspective of the Cyprus Corporate taxation in an easy to understand methodology and many practical examples, so that lawyers and other non-tax specialists can get the relevant knowledge. The seminar would be of great help to those professionals that do not frequently deal with taxation issues but they want to have a clear understanding how Cyprus companies are being taxed. The program was designed in such a way that participants can follow all three parts of the program or choose any specific individual part that interests them: 




After the completion of the webinar, participants are expected to: 

PART I • Understand the difference between business profits and taxation profits • Being able to identify which companies are subject to taxation in Cyprus • Understand which laws apply to each type of income and how each type of income is taxed 

PART II • Understand how expenses are treated for tax purposes • Obtain a clear understanding of what is required for an expense to be regarded as tax deductible • Understand the Notional Interest Deduction and when is applicable • Identify when tax losses are being carried forward and how can be utilized • Correctly assess when group relief applies and its benefits • Be aware of the tax compliance requirements of a tax resident companies. 

PART III • Understand the main principles of the Cyprus IP Box Regime • Understand the main principles of the Cyprus Tonnage Tax Regime • Get an overview of how international taxation comes into play • Understand the notion of withholding taxes • Appreciate the usefulness of the Double Tax Treaties • Be aware of the main principles of the EU Parent Subsidiary and Interest and Royalties Directive. • Gain a positive attitude towards Tax related matters

This program is specifically designed for Lawyers, Financial Managers, Chief Accountants, Accountants, and other professionals who are not usually involved with taxation issues but want to have a complete and holistic view on how companies are being taxed in Cyprus. Trainees will receive a Certificate of Attendance. This seminar contributes to Continuing Professional Development for up to 9 CPD Units – according to the duration of participation.

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