articles | 24 November 2020

Covid-19: GPs to monitor infected patients

Cyprus’ health ministry has put general practitioners in charge of monitoring their patients if they tested positive for Covid-19 after 20 November.

In an announcement on Monday, the ministry said that under the newly revised COVID protocols family GPs will be in charge of monitoring and releasing patients from their quarantine if they are reported to be a confirmed case.

The protocol was designed in cooperation with the Scientific Advisory Committee tasked with advising the government on handling the coronavirus outbreak.

GPs will be informed of the test results at the same time as the patient.

They will then monitor the patient until their release, so it is important for patients to contact their GP once they are found to be positive.

The Infectious Diseases Epidemiological Surveillance and Control Unit will continue to have the coordinating and supervisory role of the whole process.

It will continue monitoring those citizens who were diagnosed as positive and are not registered with a General Practitioner through the General Health Scheme.

Source: Financial Mirror


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