articles | 24 June 2021

Covid-19 infections in Cyprus on the rise, another wave not ruled out

As Covid-19 infections are increasing in Cyprus, authorities on Thursday warned the island might be experiencing yet another wave – this time of the Delta variant which originated in India.

The health ministry also called on young people to get vaccinated since latest data shows that 90% of infected people who are currently hospitalized turned their back to the jab.

At the same time, the rate of vaccination coverage in Cyprus has reached around 63% for the first dose of the vaccine.

However, this percentage concerns only the adult population of Cyprus and this means that about  50% of the total population today remains completely unvaccinated.

Moreover, from those who have been vaccinated only about 45% got both doses. And this means that people who have received only the first dose remain largely unprotected from the virus which can easily spread.

But even out of those who have been fully vaccinated, at least 5% have not developed immunity and this percentage, if translated into absolute numbers, leads to a couple of thousand people also remain unprotected.

And the fact that people who are fully vaccinated can still become infected with the virus, transmit it or even need hospitalization is confirmed worldwide.

Source: In-Cyprus


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