articles | 19 November 2014

Cypriot citizenship obtained by 2,300 in 2012

A total number of 2,300 persons were granted Cypriot citizenship in 2012 according to data released recently by Eurostat.

According to the data a total number of 818,000 people obtained citizenship of an EU member state in 2012.

In Cyprus, 1,300 of those granted citizenship in 2012, come from another EU member state.

More particularly, 34,8% of those were Greek citizens, 17,1% British, 8% from South Africa and 8% Russians.

In Greece, 16,200 were granted citizenship in 2012 of which just 200 were citizens of another EU member state. 34,8% were Albanians, 1,8% Egyptians, 1,2% Syrians, 1,1% Ukrainians and the rest, citizens of other non-EU countries.

Source: Cyprus Mail

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