articles | 05 August 2019

Cypriots’ positive view of EU rises in latest Eurobarometer

A new Eurobarometer survey released recently shows Cyprus is the EU member state where the positive image of the EU has increased the most.

Since the last Standard Eurobarometer survey in autumn 2018, the proportion of respondents who have a positive image of the EU has increased in 23 EU member states, most strikingly in Cyprus (47%, up 11%), Hungary (52%, up 9%) and Greece (33%, up 8%).

A large number of Cypriots (41%) believe the economic situation is the most important issue facing their country, way more than the EU average of 16%.

Amongst the main findings of the report are a record-high support for the euro while climate change has become the second top concern at EU level, after immigration.

While the numbers of those who think unemployment, health and the cost of living are big issues – hovering at around 20% for both the average EU resident and Cypriots – there is one difference regarding Cyprus.

Climate change is a worry for Europeans, with one-fifth feeling it is affecting their own country, but just 4% of Cypriots believe it is an issue for Cyprus.

14% of Cypriots think that climate change is a concern for the EU in general, but not their own country.

Regarding immigration, again Cypriots believe it is not a particular problem in their country, with just 16% saying it is, while 47% believe it is an EU concern.

Immigration is the number one problem for all Europeans, 34% of whom see it as the main issue for the European Union.

Cypriots are more positive than the average EU member regarding all issues regarding common EU policies. 88% are for the free movement of EU citizens, 89% for a common security policy and 85% for a common energy policy.

This latest Standard Eurobarometer survey was conducted after the European elections, between June 7 and July a in all 28 EU countries and five candidate countries.

The survey shows a strong increase in people’s positive perception of the European Union across the board – from the economy to the state of democracy. These are the best results since the June 2014 Eurobarometer survey conducted.

Source: Cyprus Mail

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