articles | 11 December 2019

Cypriots want stronger representation in European Commission

Cypriots want stronger representation at the European Commission, a Eurobarometer report revealed on Tuesday.

Parliament’s autumn Eurobarometer survey, the Parlemeter 2019, commissioned by the European Parliament since 2007 to determine views of the European Parliament showed nearly six in 10 Europeans continue to be in favour of their country’s EU membership.

When it comes to Cyprus, 71% of citizens said their opinion is not heard at the European commission while 89% demanded stronger representation.

Despite those numbers, most Cypriots approve of the island’s participation in the EU, with 53% supporting the union, 38% neutral and nine per cent viewing Cyprus’ participation in the EU in a negative light.

At the same time, 46% of Cypriot citizens are not satisfied with the way democracy is applied in the EU.

When asked about their opinion on the way democracy is applied in Cyprus, 55% replied they are not satisfied, while 43% said they were pleased.

Climate change was voted the most important environmental issue for Cypriots with 59%. Following is air pollution at 41%, sea pollution at 34% and lack of drinking water at 28%.

Of those questioned, 70% believe demonstrations initiated by youth will lead to change of policies.

Cypriots’ most important value is the promotion of human rights, at 72%, while second comes the solidarity among EU member states at 46%. Freedom of speech and solidarity among EU member states and third world countries saw 35% support from the Cypriot population.

The European Commission’s priority should be to fight youth unemployment, 41% of Cypriots said while 33% voted tackling social exclusion and poverty as a priority.

Combating terrorism and organised crime was voted as a priority by 26% of Cypriots.

Source: Cyprus Mail

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