articles | 17 March 2014

Cyprus aims for Chinese investors influx

With many Chinese already considering Cyprus their second home and due to natural gas investment prospects, the government must regain confidence of Chinese investors.

Chen Juheng, chairman of the Asia Arts Fund (cultural exchange and overseas investments) EU chief Representative) Hong Kong Malta said a number of factors influence the decision of Chinese investors, but he said the three main ones were freedom of movement, education and the living environment. He also sees investment opportunities in Cyprus’ natural gas finds as well as solar and wind energy plants, wine exports and tourism. Juheng will be one of the main speakers at a seminar 'Can Cyprus become the second home for Chinese investors', which will be held at the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Keve) in Nicosia on 20 March.

In an interview, he proposes the government improve the current Permanent Resident Permit Scheme and give measurable assessments of the property value to avoid any developer from driving up the property price to Chinese buyers. He believes many Chinese already consider Cyprus their second home, and have therefore moved here. He also stressed that the Cyprus government must regain the confidence of Chinese investors which was dealt a blow by the collapse of Laiki said

Source: InCyprus


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