articles | 31 January 2014

Cyprus and Israel seek projects for €500,000 fund

Cyprus and Israel will be cooperating in a joint research programme that has a budget of half a million euros, the Research Promotion Foundation (RPF) has announced.

“This programme aims to develop scientific, research and business cooperation between the two countries,” RPF general manager Vasilios Tsakalos said. He added that Israel is internationally recognised in the field of research and innovation and therefore closer networking of Cypriot organisations with respective Israeli bodies and the joint implementation of research projects can contribute to the upgrade of Cyprus’ research and innovation sector.

The new programme will see joint research proposals from Cypriot and Israeli organisations and businesses that must have clear goals, and the results of the project which will be financed will need to contribute to the development of commercial products, applications or services. Proposals will also be submitted to the RPF’s corresponding Israeli organisation, the Office of the Chief Scientist which falls under the aegis of the Israeli Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Energy. The final day of submitting proposals is April 10 and the programme’s budget amounts to €500,000 which will be allocated to projects lasting up to two years with a maximum funding of €100,000 per project. The proposals submitted should relate to industrial research and the Cypriot side is required to include at least a medium sized business, while consulting firms are excluded. Financing of the project from Israel will come at an additional cost and is covered by the relevant agencies.

For information visit or contact Georgia Kleantous at RPF on 22205000, email:

Source: Cyprus Mail

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