articles | 16 April 2014

Cyprus first to embrace compulsory sustainability

From this summer, all Cypriot hotels registered and approved by the Cyprus Tourism Organisation must comply to its sustainability program, which will benefit tourists and not only environmentalists.

As well as commitment to recycling, reducing energy, chemical and water use, hotels must now champion localfood and entertainment. Many are going as far as having locally grown organic produce served in their restaurants whilst all will help to support the timeless artistic culture of the island through exhibitions by local artists and performances by music groups and traditional dancers.

Local charities and community projects will be partnered by the hotels and hotel guests will be encouraged to help join in some of the initiatives.

In the past, the idea has been there, but often not the will, however the Cypriot Tourism Minister hopes that the compulsory regulations, together with the training of in-house sustainability champions will make Cyprus the first and only country to guarantee sustainability as part of your holiday.

Source: CTO

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