articles | 23 October 2020

Cyprus has 2nd highest number of lawyers per 100,000 inhabitants in Europe

Cyprus is among the European countries with the highest number of lawyers in proportion to their population, according to a report on the efficiency and quality of justice in Europe published by the Council of Europe on Thursday.

But it was last as regards use of information technology in its judicial system.

With 458 lawyers per 100,000 inhabitants, Cyprus ranks second on the table, after Luxembourg with 488, according to data collected in 2018. Italy is in third place with 388 and Malta fourth with 323 lawyers per 100,000 inhabitants.

The report, which focuses on the main trends in 45 judicial systems across Europe, also revealed that Cyprus has more female lawyers than the European average, along with Bulgaria, France, Malta, North Macedonia, Portugal and the UK.

Regarding the use of information and communication technologies (ICT) among European judicial systems in 2018, Cyprus scored 1.52, the worst score among all countries in the report, followed by Armenia with 2.78 and Scotland with 3.06.

“The good development and proper use of ICT is an important element of the good functioning of judicial systems as it contributes to increased transparency, efficiency, access and quality of the services delivered,” the report says.

Source: Cyprus Mail

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