articles | 18 January 2016

Cyprus hosting international housing conference

The Cyprus Institute and University of Cyprus have organised a two-day international conference entitled ‘Housed by Choice Housed by Force / Homes, Conflicts and Conflicting Interests’.

The event will be taking place on Thursday and Friday, January 21 and 22, at the Cyprus Institute on the first day and University of Cyprus on the second. Proceedings begin at 10am on both days.

According to its organisers: “The aim of the international conference is to examine the factors affecting the right to housing acquisition, starting with the city of Nicosia which is socially, politically, cultural and economically complex. The objective of the conference is to understand the range of conflicting interests and factors shaping housing in our cities through extreme and typical scenarios. Cases at the international level, where the environment is affected by military conflict zones and where applicable conflicting interests exist will also be addressed. Also, architectural ideas and solutions that could be applied globally will be presented”.

Although housing is a basic necessity, the factors that influence its acquisition in any city in the world are multiple, complex and often contradictory. The reasons may be political, partisan, military or even economic interests and serve. But these factors can also be ecological, such as the need for reconstruction after natural disasters. Other determinants relate to social differences, equal opportunities, living standards and multiculturalism.

The conference will consider whether there is actually any real choice in housing, what options exist, how feasible they may be, what determines them, and the extent to which these options are available to residents of a city.

The delegates will also have other questions before them such as whether people who lack options can live a happy and healthy life in their homes and whether or not housing is a matter of choice or the result of restrictive exogenous circumstances.

The Conference speakers will and those who influence or determine the choice of housing at various levels, including national governments, local authorities, individuals, members of local councils, architects, residential designers, builders and real estate agents and how they can align all these actors through a maze of conflicting interests.

The Conference will focus and to guarantee the right of each citizen to choose the appropriate accommodation, and the right to have an opinion in the design and development.

For more information, visit or telephone 22208629/22208619 or 99615879/99854916.

Source: InCyprus

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